Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grocery Bonanza!

We have some grocery budget left this month (and still some, even after all this shopping! Why yes, my grocery budget IS huge!) (but not spending it all as we had some other odd expenses this month we need the cash for) and so I went shopping for things we need, great deals, unexpected finds and superbowl snackers.

Target 1/28

  • At Target, Yoplait is regular $.52 each, which is still good considering prices on yogurt have been going up. Using a $1 manq and a $1 store coupon, I got 8/$2.16, or $.27 each! They had some fun new flavors in the Light Thick and Creamy like Cinnamon Roll and Cherry Cobbler.

  • I had a coupon for a free Grapefuit bowl, which cost me $.10 after the coupon max.

  • Buy a Digiorno Pizza for $3.99 (excellent price!) and get a free 2L of Coke, which I needed for superbowl party. So Matt got the pizza he wanted.

  • Starkist Tuna Pouch on sale for $1.49, used $1 coupon.

  • Hormel Chili $1.24 for superbowl dip

  • Onion Soup Mix (a pantry staple) $.85

  • Egg Noodles for tonight's dinner $.53!

  • RiceWorks Chips FREE with coupon

  • Stacy's Pita Chips 2/$5, used two $1.50 coupons, 2/$2!

All that for a grand total of $11.77 for party food! Great deal.

Caputo 1/29

Today I hit up Joe Caputo's, which is a family run 'mini-chain' of three stores in the area. Ours is tiny, but always well stocked with high-quality, good-priced produce.

  • 1lb carrots (our fave veggie) $.49

  • large spanish onions $.49/lb

  • Orange Peppers $1.29/lb

  • Red Peppers $.98/lb

  • Strawberries $1.50

  • White Mushrooms $2.19/lb

  • Blueberries $1

  • Crimini Mushrooms $2.69/lb

  • Baby Carrots $.79

  • Dutch Farms Shredded Cheese $1.50! Great deal. One for dip, rest for freezer

  • Avocados 2/$1 for guac

  • tiny onions $.19/lb. I hate chopping tiny onions. Waste of time, no matter how cheap. Will quarter and shove up the chicken's butt ;)

  • Garlic $.89/lb

  • Jalapenos $.89/lb

  • limes $.10

  • Yellow Peppers $1.29/lb

  • Plum Tomatoes $.69/lb for pico de gallo

All that produce for $24.58. Great deals considering $6 of that is cheese and going to make myself guac and salsa. Peppers are for dipping at SuperBowl

Last stop, Jewel. I normally don't shop at Jewel unless they have an amazing deal to pull me in the door, but it is basically across the street from home so I do stop once in a while and today I wanted a chicken.

Jewel 1/29

  • Fryers were $.77/lb, so I'm going to try this recipe tomorrow. I love crock pot cooking!

  • Milk was $2.28, decent...

  • Thomas' English Muffins $1.99. My new breakfast fave!

  • Sabra Hummus $3.99 BOGO, used two $1.50 coupons from Sunday's paper, so 2/$.99!! Can't beat that for munchies

  • Fisher trail mix $1 on clearance, used $1 coupons = 4 FREE

  • Fisher BBQ Peanuts $1 on clearance, used $1 coupon = FREE

  • Diamond Vanilla Bean Almonds $2 on clearance, used $1 coupon = $1

All that for $11.05 ($2.28 was milk, $4.35 was chicken.) Plus I got a coupon for a free box of South Beach bars, some new "Fiber Fit." It is worded funny though, it says "FREE when you buy a box of FIber FIt or High Protein Cereal Bars" I think it means BOGO but doesn't sound right as either BOGO or totally free so I will try and just get one free box and see if it works...

That's the deals! Next stop is Super WalMart on Sunday (it's not at all convenient to home, but will actually be out near one on the way to a Super Bowl party) but that is next month's budget ;)

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Bezzie said...

Crap, I take it you didn't get the Hormel Chili coupon that was in the Sunday paper a few weeks ago. (I only say that b/c that's a staple in our pantry and I love finding coupons for it!)
I'm psyched for my grocery day...lots of good sales this week!