Friday, April 29, 2005

"It's Like Our Own Private Knit-a-Long or Something"

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so yeah. y'all know about the lovely, lovely yarn that Wendy so lovingly sent me and Joeli. Yeah, it is so soft and cool and just wow.

and so it was made as a joke in chat, that hey, maybe those two will knit the same thing...

well, you know, we had to run with that! And so Joeli picked out the Honeymoon Cami and I was sold. So I cast on two weeks ago, and from Sunday time and class time, I have created a super easy, super lovely, super fast tank! my first summer knitting!

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of course i had to alter the pattern. skinny straps....3-st i-cord on circs? no thanks. i wanna wear a bra. so i did a 7-st in seed. lovely lovely! oh my, there's my belly button. eek!

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As with any KAL, the members do not all finish at the same time. read the sordid story. poor, poor Joeli...but at least i'm sending her a 'consolation' prize.

plus i only used half the yarn Wendy sent me. now what?


zibibbo said...

OH MY GOSH! It is sooooo lovely! Hurray! It was put to fantastic use! It fits you wonderfully :) Bravisisma!

Criosa said...

ooh, awesome! it looks great! and thanks for the mod. tip - I've been wanting to make it, but the skinny straps/bra-lessness of it was putting me off from making it. now I just need to find the yarn...

goodkarma said...

I'm with Criosa; I've been eyeing Honeymoon and waiting to see someone alter the straps and neckline so that my (absolutely required) bra wouldn't show. Yours turned out really cute, flattering, and meets all of my bra requirements!!! Can I have it? heh heh.

Donna said...

Love it!! I'm wear a tank, but I'd been looking at this one for my daughter. She's 12, so those thin straps were out! She's quite modest for one thing, and her dad wouldn't let her wear anything like the original cami for another thing. I like your strap modification and may try that for her.