Thursday, April 07, 2005

WHY ME????

so yeah. i knew, just knew, that today would bring the new knitty. and so i go to class, come home, eat dinner, run for groceries, take a walk, pic my bro up at the library, and finally sit down to AIM works and NOTHING ELSE. NO E-MAIL, NO CHAT, NO INTERNET!!!!! NO KNITTY!!!!!!!! so of course Joeli teases me that she is swatchign for 'branching out' so not fair!!! at last, oh at last it works. and i love branching out! and Wendy, not only is your pattern fantabulous, i love the picture caption and your bio. so fun! so YOU! and Jodi Green has another hit, and i like some of the to pic one that works with my tahki cotton colori in my stash. hmmm. hmmmmmm.
will ponder this soon. very soon. a new tank would make me feel happy

PS-why do we use blogger when it sucks so bad??

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