Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catching Up

I took a break from shopping - it was tiring and we don't need anything. But I did do a bit over the last week!

Some goodies at Meijer with their "buy 10 get the 11th free" except I wish they weren't out of pasta. We have almost used it all from the last Jewel deal. But I also bought Breakstone cottage cheese there and took my $5 cat to Dom's where I paid $.69 for this:

Dominick's Run

8 - $.50 e-coupons came off for soup/broth, plus a $1.10/3 IP (soup was $1.11 and broth $3.29). Eggs were $.99 with store q, Quaker $.99 w/store q, then $1/2 manq. Bought Clif bars as fillers to use my $5 cat!

Dominick's Paid Me!
I hit up Dom's for the crazy Aveeno/C&C deal.
Aveeno: $2.92
-$2 e-coupon
-$2 IP
C&C: $6.99
-$2 e-coupon
-$6.99 e-coupon
-$2 IP
for some overage! So I picked up 5 more Breakstone.

Meaning I spent $2.07 cash and earned a $5 cat. Sweet!

Today in the mail I got one of those digest sized Bisquick cookbooks you see at the checkout. Don't remember signing up?

I have also been busy crafting. Check out this lovely baby in the dress I crocheted:

Sophia's Dress

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OOOOH! Cute babie!