Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No more Beef!

hmmm, I swear it's the same beef. "Beef Round Top Round Roast" or whatever it says. I picked up the SAME size I bought yesterday, and it didn't work. No discount, so I left it at self-check. Then went back for the rest of my goodies!


Some months ago my mom gave me a coupon for 4 free BeechNut Stage 2 jars. I had noticed it was on Upromise for $1 back WYB 8. Not a necessary item for me, so I waited. Then I got the same coupon in the mail, but Upromise had for Stage 1 food. Well, this month the buy 8 Stage 2 and earn $1 is back (if I remember correctly - their site hasn't been working for me). They are on sale For $.39 right now, so I wrote $1.56 on the q, but the teenager had to do the math the loooong addition way before she believed that *eye roll*

I found the Wheatables everyone is talking about in blog land - not on a shipper, but on an end and they had taped a q to each one :) $1.88, minus $1.50 q, x2!

Another FREE Slim Fast candy bar
TOTAL: $.91 for all that :)

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Bezzie said...

Mmm...those stage two foods aren't half bad. The oatmeal and cinnamon ones aren't bad, nor are the blueberry apple ones. I know you probably donate them...but something to keep in mind if you're ever craving baby food!