Monday, January 25, 2010

Mmmm, Beef. Dinner.

Cheap Beef

Matt and I picked up three total of the Slim Fast bars. REALLY hard to find ones that weren't crumbled all to bits! No Catalinas printed though. These are delicious, even though they are pure sugar!

Also picked up a holiday ID Creamer. It said $.99, but scanned at $1.99 after card savings, so the service desk manager actually gave it to me free for ringing up incorrectly!

Then I tried a roast for $10.17, and it took off the $5.48 savings for the veggies :) When we went back, I actually found another for the exact same price! It's crock pot weather here, so will definitely be making one this week, and froze one for later.

Used a $2.50 cat I found left at a self-check last week!

Total for 6.8 pounds of beef, 3 slim fast and one ID: $7.10 ($1.04 per pound!!!)

YUM. Wish I already had the freezer, but that's not til Feb 7th and won't be using it til we move anyway.

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