Sunday, April 30, 2006

an update, at last.

soo... i just knit a hautter. it was a meh experience. i used Patons Fresco, which is discontinued. the hautter pattern is also 'discontinued' as it is not currently available. anyway. here it is, in all it's unflattering glory:

urgh. i don't think the elastic in the band will help much, but i'll put it in eventually. it makes me look flat as all get out. here's how i shall wear it to school tomorrow:

and then, a little while back, Laura was talking about her wonderful Kinder egg surprises. my daddy brought us back three packs from the netherlands. my uncle had really fun toys. so i couldn't wait to eat mine. imagine my reaction when i open my first egg to find this:

yeah. more cracker jack than kinder surprise. but it is a nicely made puzzle, as the pieces interlock solidly and one can pick up puzzle without it falling apart. it is one of four to make a larger picture.

if i get two more parts of the puzzle, i will be seriously mad.

next up: jaywalkers out of some lorna's laces. mmm. socks for myself!


mumblingmonkey said...

We have Kinder surprises here, and their toy quality is highly variable, I find. Sometimes it's no fun, and other times you get really really cool little things!

Laura said...

Yay Kinder Eggs! I'm sorry that you didn't like your toy. But I still think that your toy is better than a Cracker Jack toy.

I don't know what to say about the tank top. I didn't think it was very flattering on Amy Ashley, either. But the yarn is pretty and I like how it pooled in the front.

Gina said...

I have to say that the theory of halter tops is sassy and sexy, but the reality near seems to make me feel anything but too naked and too saggy. I didn't know that Paton's Fresco had been discontinued! Darn.