Monday, April 03, 2006

Knitting Update top down sweater has one complete sleeve on it. i think a picture is on my memory card, except that i am at school and that is at home, so i do not remember if i actually took that pic or not.

but here's my current WIP list:

1-sockpal socks
2-supersecret small thingie ;-)
3-test knitting...Ana?
4-Trellis for gift

those are the required things. then i have so many WIPs it ain't even funny, especially because they don't get worked on. i was hoping to finish this top-down sweater to wear it this season. we shall see...spring is a strange creature in Chicago!


Gina said...

I predict another blast of winter before mid-April, so I think there's life in your top-down sweater. I'm already thinking that I'll start Tubey now, as it's cool enough to work with wool, and I'll be able to finish it by next Autumn. Provided I stay on track...

Erin said...

nice sweater! I'm working on a bunch of different socks mostly, I'm stuck in a one-room dorm room so they are nice and small. I feel your pain about being busy, I've hit crunch time here at school too (although I'm a junior) and this coming month is going to be horrendous. Congrats about the impending graduation! I'm pretty scared about graduating myself, because I'm not sure what I wanna do afterwards!
Keep on knittin...