Thursday, April 13, 2006

no knitting today...

cuz my graduation gift arrived...

oooh, a box in my room!!

talk about excess paper!

at least i have two desks in my room so i can set this one up while not disturbing my old one so i can homework. right. four more weeks.

oh boy Missy. wait'll you get yours. i had to uninstall tons of crap...since this came with XP-Media Center. ugh. now Norton Internet Securites is telling me i have installed the program more times than is allowed and it will not activate it. grrrr. daddy will call and see what they can do. :D meanwhile, i now have to install things bit by bit, then transfer over all my crap, then back it up, then go through stacks of floppies to see if they contain anything useful since new comp has card readers instead of floppy drive.
and SIX USB ports! yay! two of which are on the front. thank goodness. makes life MUCH easier.
and 1GB SDRAM. and a 160 GB hard drive. a 17" LCD. *happy sigh*


Laura said...


congratulations and enjoy.

stringthing said...

it's a beauty. that's allmost exactly what we have at work

Ceci said...

Oooh, niiice! Have fun with it... er, I mean, work hard on it! --Ceci