Friday, April 07, 2006

new specs!

i was so, soooo tired of my old glasses. so for graduation i got new ones. plus a year's worth of contacts. *happy sigh*



in the SHADE!

top 'o the line, all sorts of extras. i love them both! makes me want to wear glasses more often just so i can wear the sunglasses. hehe. must go PM anne baby, and tell her my deals...

now that my hair is dry, i have one question. i'm debating bangs of some sort. what do y'all think??


Laura said...

Nice glasses!

I think bangs would look good on you. You have a very high forehead, which is good. I looked goofy with bangs.

sacha said...

woooow ! you look soooo cool with glasses ! You're very pretty. Sacha

bensmumma said...

Helen - bangs may make you look younger, just sayin'... (I always hated looking younger than my age...)


Cathy said...

I think some wispy bangs will look niceQ

Gina said...

I love the glasses and the shades. As for the bangs -- I would suggest starting with something wispy and longish, sort of side-swept. If you can find a photo, bring it to the salon with you.