Sunday, January 08, 2006

My, What Big Teeth You Have!

so my little brother got this totally cool lego set for Christmas, and you could make three different HUGE animals. with like, teeth and everything! so i was pretty excited, since i LOVE legos.

he built this cool lion:

and today he shows it to me and says there are enough pieces to build two smaller things at the same time. and says that *I* can build them!! i was thrilled, and while home alone and doing laundry, i dumped out the pieces and set to work.

uh, not much knitting taking place. crap. and when school starts in two weeks, i will have six courses and 19 hours, plus all the travel time, plus 20 hours of work...and i doubt i'll get much knitting done. *sigh*

alas.... i shall knit something before class starts. namely, my lace shawl.


Greg Chabala said...

Your blog rocks. I never expected to find anything about Legos on your knitting blog. You made my day.

Ceci said...

Legos ROCK! And man, I can't imagine how you'll get much SLEEP with 19 hrs of classes and 20 hrs of work, much less knitting. I trust you'll still keep up with your blog better than I have been though. ;) HUGS!

wendy said...

woohoo for legos!

Ragan said...

legos are great...unless you step on them in the middle of the night!!

Shelley said...

Hello from Canada. Found your site by clicking a link on another blog and thought I would stop by.

I scrolled down and saw the cute picture of your youth pastor's girls in their sweaters. I love them (the sweaters that is, though the girls were cute too). They look like they really enjoyed getting handknit sweaters from you!

Ragan said...

Hello again! I love reading your blog so now I have to tag you with a meme. The questions are on my blog. :)
Have a great day.