Wednesday, January 18, 2006

a meme and picture intensive post for monkee

Ragan has tagged me for a guess here goes. silly things

Four jobs you have had in your lifetime
-grocery bagger
-grocery cashier
-produce clerk
-grocery stocker
uh yeah...only worked at one place, but done it all

4 movies you could watch over and over
-Joe vs the Volcano
-You've Got Mail
(gimme tom hanks and meg ryan ANY day)

4 places you have lived
-Westchester, Illinois
-Lisle, Illinois
(obviously i don't get out much)

4 TV shows you love to watch
-i don't watch tv
-except the news at 9

4 places you have been on vacation
-Wisconsin Dells
-Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
-West Lafayette, Indiana
-Nashville, Tennessee

4 websites you visit daily
-My Yahoo!
-Xanga (it's quite the addiction)

4 of your favorite foods
-Taco Bell
-ice cream

4 places you would rather be right now
-chillin in the dorm with Matt and the guys
-at church
-in class
-anywhere but work

4 bloggers you are tagging

now for the knitting (somewhat):
i finally finished this great looking latch hook rug...and used iron-on binding which actually adhered:

and now for the show!!

a scrunchy merino blob!

ahhh! wool floating atop warm water bath!

it made noises like rice krispies in milk...all the water bubbling in and hehe. 'twas fun to push it under. drown!

odd picture...but it warmed my cold toes to stomp all the water out

ta-da!! it is a tiny bit smaller on this end closest to you...but hey, it's all good.

i used Harlot's Walk Around the Block Tutorial. i used fishing line in each side before washing it, then pinned it out...haven't ever blocked lace before, but i know this helped with straight edges

and...a close-up to come once dry! didn't measure pre-blocking, but it was just a blob anyway.



MJ said...

yeay, it's finished!

I can't wait to see the picture of it when it's all nice and dried!

Laura said...

Awww! I love the kitty latch hook thingy! I want one!!!!

The shawl looks lovely so far. I'm looking forward to an "action" shot.

(tagging me again?!)