Sunday, January 29, 2006

call me crazy, part deux

well, you know. i got my birthday money from my grandma really early. and i had bought the new issue of VK. and there's this really neat looking twisted rib sweater with a cabled yoke. and i want it badly. and logic would say that i should knit my sockapaloooza socks, if i wanted something for Olympic knitting. but that wouldn't be a challenge, so i'd have to knit two pairs in those 16 days, but then i might have to rush a tad and i want my pal's socks to be so very nicely made. so that's out. so me, i go to the LYS today. i was going to save my bday money to go buy more Addis on 20% off, but that birthday money...and the 20% off yarn sale this off i went. turns out there isn't a large selection of needles anyway (it's a small store). so i began browsing all the yarn.

Felt up the cascade pastaza, but at the yardage, i'd need like 12 balls and i couldn't afford that. then i stumbled on some lovely lovely yarn, nice 240 yds/skein. Araucania NatureWool, in colour #46. it's not on their website. weather today: gray and rainy weather tomorrow: gray and maybe snowy. if i ever see sunlight again, i promise some yarn Pr0n. of course, the skeins make lovelier photos, but me, without a swift, wasn't even going to attempt winding that on my own. i bought 7, and had the lovely owner wind 6 of them for me. good thing cuz one got really stuck and she saved it for herself for later and i got a different one off the shelf. anywho, i will try and use the good camera and get a good pic for Wendy.

anyway, i love knitting two sleeves at once, and also body pieces at once. but this is hand-dyed yarn. so of course, it is recommended that you alternate every 2-4 rows with two skeins. now, it wouldn't make sense to cart four balls of yarn around, would it? *sigh* so alas, one piece at a time, but i am using markers on every say, 10th row or so, to make sure the parts are the same length.

now, i really wanna cast on! but alas, i must wait. will swatch and get everything together. at least it starts on a friday, and i can start as soon as i get home from work! make sure i do all my homework before then, so i can have the entire weekend devoted to knitting.

yeah. i'm crazy.

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Terby said...

I want details on the yarn! I saw it at the store, very pretty, but didn't purchase. And you're far from crazy - just a good planner. :)