Tuesday, January 24, 2006

call me crazy but...

...i signed up for sockapaloooza today. me. the girl who has made four socks. and no, that doesn't mean two pair. it means one pair that took three socks to make, and a single other sock. yeah. me. the gal who's feet seem huge compared to all sock patterns. but i love handknit socks. and to have someone make some for me. YES. and to push myself to try new techniques (hopefully two on two circs) and make them perfect....i am all for it.

even though school is shaping up to be a lot of work. then again, my classes all seem a lot of fun anyway. yeah, i have enjoyed these first two days/four classes. two more days and two more classes to go. didn't even have to buy many books this semester, which really rocks.

guess that's it for now....tuesdays are my looooongest day (outta the house for 12 hours) and so i have no pic of my lacey scarf. but it's 8 sts, 4 rows...perfectly memorized and super fast. two days of train knitting and it's a foot long. and it's SO pretty.

better update this weekend, i would think. although the homework load will certainly eat up my entire fridays. friday is the only day i have any large chunk of time to myself. *urp* time with DBF? heh. in his dreams, maybe


Lisa P said...

Oh you'll have a blast with Sockapaloooza! This will be my third sock pal exchange and trust me... you'll have such a good time doing it. Three months may seem like not enough time to knit socks for your sock pal but trust me, you'll get your info about her... you'll read about her and then boom! Inspiration will hit and you'll bang those socks right out. :)

Dawn said...

They way I've been knitting socks lately maybe I should have signed up for this. You'll have a blast and you'll find a way to crank those socks out!