Monday, August 29, 2005

it's a mememe about meme! or, a meme about me, or umm, well. just read.

If only to distract you from no knitting content, here is the current meme that has been floating about. Terri tagged me for it, and i'm gonna have a tough time finding five peeps who haven't done it yet.

ten years ago:
I would've been 11. starting junior high...let's see. I cut my hair up to my chin, from being down to my waist. Got new glasses that weren't bigger than my head. let's see. met a few new people, but basically hung out with a tight group of three girls. i don't remember too many specifics about sixth grade; more junior high in general. but yeah, sixth grade was when i was still holding this major crush on Mike Benning that i had since first grade, and began one on Craig Merczak. haha.

five years ago:
i was 16. hmm. end of sophomore year. this was the beginning of my 'fat phase' where, yup, you guessed it...became more and more depressed and gained lots of weight. gradually enough i didn't notice it until i looked back on it. anyway, i was in advanced bio with mr. ley, one of the cruelest teachers ever. switchign to Mr. Effinger was the best thing i ever did. i did have fun charting dominant and nondominant genetic traits. fun class, until we got to the fetal pig dissection. what was i NOT doing? getting my drivers license. took drivers ed in school. my group was two 18 year old girls who's fathers hadn't let them get their licenses until they were 18. i drove in rain in snow, whatever. yet somehow always avoided driving with my parents until my permit expired...odd, no?

one year ago:
i was looking forward to a fairly large anniversary date looming ahead. hmm. starting junior year of college...well, i lost a lot of weight by this time. about 50 pounds. nothing exciting really ahppened if you technically go one year from before today. but last december was the horrible car accident that has ruined my wrist because it hurts, to this day. at least not while knitting. just at work. at least my knee fully recovered. and i think i picked all the safety glass out of my yarn purchase from that day. i spent $140 on yarn. all with christmas money. all at 40% off. but i got amazing stuff.

five snacks:
microwave popcorn, sugar-free jello, yogurt, rice cakes, chocolate!

five songs I know all the words to:
(way hard to chose. let's be random!)
1-"You Were Meant For Me" Jewel
2-"Amazed" Lonestar
3-"Navy Blue" Diane Renay
4-"God Only Knows" The Beach Boys
5-"Two Days In February" Goo Goo Dolls

five things I would do with $100 million:
1-pay off mine and my husbands' schooling
2-buy a car
3-buy a house
4&5-donate the rest. i feel slightly selfish buying things for myself first. while of course they are not absolutely necessary to live, they sure make it easier. and i wouldn't need any more of that money. so umm, okay, stop justifying and move on *shifty look*

five places to run away to:
1-Millennium Park
2-Museum Campus
3-Any Library
4-Any Yarn store
5-my room

five things I would never wear:
2-a man in public (people are gross)
3-black jeans when not working
4-anything that was unflattering, no matter how much i liked it
5-pointy toed shoes

five favorite TV shows:
2-Gilmore Girls
3-Extreme Makeover, Home Edition
4-news at nine on channel nine
5-baseball games

five biggest joys:
1-when someone smiles at me as if i mean more than anyone else
2-singing in the shower
3-accomplishing a complicated craft project, knitting or not
4-having my writing published
5-more things in the future, i am sure

five favorite toys:
1-mp3 player
3-knitting supplies
4-sewing machine

five people to pass this on to:
1-let's go with Lisa, since i like to tag her and she needs to blog more :D
2-maybe Laura can find some time...
3&4-let's keep Joeli and Iain busy until the are reunited
5-and maybe my web guru Trevor would take time out of his busy college life to attempt this one.


Iain said...

Books aren't toys!!

Lisa P said...

Oh I see how it goes! :P :P

Yeah I need to blog more. Okies, girlie.. you got me. I'll post my meme when I get home. ;)