Tuesday, August 16, 2005

a very very close finished object!

so i pinned Mariah to the floor, and blasted it with steam from my fantastic iron. mmmm nice and warm, considering how very cold in here it is!!!

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i promise to have someone actually take a picture of me in it...so i can get a gorgeous shot. in daylight. so you get the full effect. after i sew in the zipper. i'm so close!!

next up we have yarn i bought when i bought my zipper...i mean, c'mon..who couldn't resist solid colour sock yarn that is discontinued and 30% off?? i see some winter socks for me...if i get my butt in gear, that is. these will be perfect train/school knitting.

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so, for Mariah, i bought 10 skeins of 220. because it was 40% off, and according to the pattern, i would need 9 for my size. 9 were one dyelot, the last is different. but i ended up only using 6 total. leaving me with 4...and the fair isle ribbed vest in fall vk calls for 3 skeins...so that is some sorta karma, huh? which means i bought this:
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colours are sooo bright they POP (POW, MONKEE!!!) so i am giving you the link to see the colours there as well...i love, love, LOVE them! especailly cuz i had the LYS lady wind them for me, since i do not own a lovely swift. the colours are 9421, 7919, 7803. and they do not do it justice on their site either. y'all will have to wait for true life pics.

and that's it for now. gonna go cast on vest before bed. doing front and back at same time until i get to the fair isle, otherwise i know they will never end up the same length.


monkee said...

Great colours! I have no idea what the ribbed VK fair isle vest is, even though I was flipping through nimrodel's copy of the magazine earlier this evening, but with those colours it has to be great.

*sniffle* why does zib nag me about my image quality but doesn't do the same to you?

Hey, weren't you on a yarn diet?

monkeemaven said...

OH! Just one more thing! I'm going to be at the Astros game tomorrow *beams* watching y'all lose pitifully. Neener neener! :D :D :D :D :D

( Watch section 106 - http://www.ticketmaster.com/seatingchart/98644/12751 - row 25. Oh, and watch us beat y'all. 'Cuz y'all suck. But not in a good way. )

Laura said...

You're going to have one bright vest! Are you going to make the belt to go with it? It looks kinda goofy to me. Speaking of goofy, what do you think of the vest that appears opposite to the fair isle vest. Looks sort of flashdancy to me.

I can't wait to see Mariah!

Dawn said...

Oooooo Mariah is almost done! I can't wait to see pics of you modeling it.

And that vest in those colors . . . WOW! Can't wait to see that either!

zibibbo said...

congrats on pinnage ;)

can't wait to see her on ya!

LOVE those colors!