Friday, September 02, 2005

Actual Knitting Content!

hey everyone! look what Anne/Roxy sent me:
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so much AMAZING stuff! that is one SWEET chica. already plotting what to send back...

take this:
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90% wool, 10% cotton. white yarn, with blue wrap thread, which i assumed made up the cotton content
add 23 packs of Arctic Green Apple Kool aid and come up with this:
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ain't it purty?? gonna make a vneck sweater in the round, then steek it and add button bands!!

and last but not least, the Actual Knitting Content:
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Branching Out. Third attempt. Tahki Cotton Colori. notice the pretty pooling. will skein 2 continue the trend?? stay tuned!


monkee said...


Heh. Helen has BO.

Dee Anna said...

Lovely scarf.....pondering knitting it myself, except for the 3 mile long list of projects.....


roxy ^-o-^ said...


Love ya sweety!


Anonymous said...

hihi, Helen! can't type long, Tick demanded laptime before I finished reading, so just: lovely all, esp your new avatar! Hope to email/chat again soon! --Ceci (have forgotten my password, hehehe, can you believe it!? ...don't answer that.)