Tuesday, August 23, 2005

*sings about SPAM in best viking voice*

MAN. i never get spam comments. and now? i got EIGHT in one day. some are fairly amusing. all are anonymous. guess that means shutting off anonymous commenting, eh?

"You really have a way with words. Trust me, I read 25-30 blogs per day (can you say "Addicted!") so I know what I'm talking about - 90% of them aren't worth crap.

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Well, I'm gonna go check a few of your other posts to see if they're ALL as good as this one. Thanks, Take care,

Dave, Blog Addict
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4:13 PM

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Lissa said...

Awesome! Because antioxidant sites have so much in commone with knitting blogs.

You could try turning on the image verification that Blogger has now, to see if it helps. Good luck O.o

Elizabeth said...

I turned on the image verification and, so far, so good. There seems to have been a real spam epidemic in the last 2 weeks!

Lisa P said...

Do you use Haloscan for your commenting? I do and I haven't gotten any spam at all.