Monday, March 14, 2005

updates as promised....and away we go!

hey guys! thanks for waiting so patiently, Wendy. Here is my update.

First off, I had this stuff:

which of course is recalled because of 'SYC' as Yorkie puts it ;) (Spontaneous Yarn Combustion for the rest of ya) i guess thats fine cuz the more i looked at it, the odder it was.
so i went to the LYS and got this:

Cascade Pima Tencel...OMG. petting the skeins was good until i knitted it up:

wow!!! it is the softest yarn i have used. i am loving it so much! plus the pattern is totally mindless and i cannot wait to wear it. should be a fast knit.

and i finally finished my Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers, and not a moment too soon. it is still winter here. even though saturday is the last official day, we will still be cold for a bit. the yarn....gosh. will anybody yell at me if i say Kureyon is not my favorite yarn? Just about everytime i went to make the 'knot' where you knit into three stitches in the front/back/front it broke...i swear the yarn was only thinly spun in those places and i had to keep spit splicing it and it would untwist and argh. plus the colors .....i don't like how the one has no orange/red. but i guess they look okay together. if it weren't for the amazing vibrancy of the colors and the softness of the FO, i would hate these:

and my new toy!

it's a Zen Micro...same touch technology as the iPod but for a fraction of the, it's a cute size and it glows blue!! heh heh

guess that's it for now. will go knit my scarf and whatnot. there is homework to be done, alas....

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