Wednesday, March 02, 2005

RAK!!! RAK!! OMG!!

WOW! Joeli rocks my world! About a month ago she was talking about these shirts that are made on her MIT campus. Their mascot is the beaver, and so of course that leads to this:

Gratuitous shot of my you-know-whats for monkee.

Joeli had told me about the shirt, but then snuck around the RAK thread and saw that i indeed would like some fluffy stuff and a spindle to try my hand at spinning. Not only did a get a pound of white wool, i got a top-whorl spindle and kool-aid. Grape, and then two flavors I have never heard of: Grape Berry Splash and Blastin' Berry Cherry.

I am now going to put the finishing touches on her pacakge and winging it out her way! hoorah! i have the BEST friends :)

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