Friday, March 18, 2005

so if i make this public....

i should stick to it.
this upcoming sunday is the last sunday i will work. i told my boss i have religious things to do, so no more. so now i will have a day of rest, starting and ending with church. so my huge goal is to start running. at least once a week to start, and then add in more as i go. because i need to get in shape. now it's not for my appearance anymore, but its for my health. i gotta tone up a bit.
the winter knitting season is done, so i will wait on sweaters until after i think i am as 'small' as i am gonna get. i would hate to knit things that will then be too big to be attractive.
this will give me a chance to catch up on all my other stuff. i have three sweaters to undo, and christmas gifts to knit and small things for myself like mittens and a booga bag. plus a latch hook i have been working on for like a year...and some material...a lot of it is even cut out already. so yes. this is my summer. i am loving it!

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