Thursday, February 17, 2005

sorry guys...

so sorry i haven't been posting! my secret pal will be glad to know that i have started in on the socks she sent me! the colors are just super fantastic. i am already at the heel flap of the first sock. lovin' it! pics tomorrow, promise! and i also have to work on my last big package to send to my SP..still gotta make somethin' somethin' for her. i love being a SP. i also have a cute little RAOK to send out.
hey Wendy, did Melly get her stuff??
tomorrow is time for sleeping in and then a huge list of things to do. like give myself a manicure. hehe

hopfully tomorrow i will have a chance to measure out my kool-aid yarn. since i made three skeins of green/yellow/pink, i'm thinking hat...i need a hat!

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