Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Clapotis es fini, falling off the yarn diet and more

okay. Clapotis is done. i guess this is as accurate a picture i am going to get. i think purple just doesn't photograph well.

I promise to get a full out pic of it if we ever have nice weather.
and ummmm, yarn diet be damned. if you found this:

in the bargain bin, and the LYS lady told you it was discontinued, would you pass that:

up for only $30?? summer top out of purple..and i just looooove the orange. and i figured since i was breaking the diet anyway, i may as well take every ball they had...all 11 of them. sigh. Tahki Cotton Colori, you are sooo pretty.
i got a package from my SP today!!! Patons Kroy in the prettiest color and a "Fluted Banister Socks" pattern. this will be so much fun!

and lastly, i picked up some stuff for ReKAL. Check it out here
and now i will go finish putting my first reKAL into hanks so i can hang it in the bathroom. i take nice steamy showers LOL and i think i will maybe update my blog links over there. ta ta!

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