Thursday, February 03, 2005

my first lined purse....with a zipper!

hey guys. i spent today lining my felted purse from yesterday, and it is SWEEEEEET!! The purse after felting (forgot to measure before) is about 10X6. I bought a 12 inch zipper, and dug around for a suitable scrap fabric. I chose not to put the zipper directly onto the felt or on the fabric because then if there was any sort of bulge to what i put in the purse, it would not zip correctly. So here is what I did:
I made a simple rectangle, and left extra material at the top in order to have room to put in the zipper. I measured where I wanted the zipper to open, marked it, and sewed it in. I then folded under the top edge to hide the end of the material, and made a nice 'placket' on each side of the zipper.
I made a new zipper stop (in white thread) and cut off the excess. you can see my plackets nicely in this picture.
You can see in the first picture that my lining is slightly wider than the purse itself. this is to allow for some 'stuffage' I only had to stretch the felt a tiny bit to fit in the lining. I then pinned only my placket to the felt, all the way around. Took out a needle and some white thread, tacked it in and, VOILA!!

Enjoy those instructions, if they will ever help you! I am very pleased with how this turned out.

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