Monday, October 11, 2004

Vanilla Goodness!

I promise pictures will follow soon, but I am currently in the library at school, so words will have to suffice. Here is what my super-duper secret pal sent me:

A 'Spa-Kit' It's one of those buckets with facial things, scrubs, lotions, all smelly goodness in mango, strawberry and such, with nail implements and invites for a girls' night in. so fun!
'Tahitian Vanilla' scented potpourri and matching votive candles
An adorable charm bracelet with garden thingies....birdhouse, shovel, and hearts. so pretty!

Now for the yarn:
Some crochet thread. Maybe someday I'll move on to doilies and the like, so I'm saving it for when my skills improve. it's a pretty pink/purple/white/blue
Two skeins of Lamb's Pride Worsted in 'Periwinkle' I love their yarns! i am going to felt this into something great.
One skein of Trendsetter's Dune, in green/purple. I have never seen this yarn before! it's two strands, one a fluffy mohair in the green to purple, then a metallicy strand with blue sparkles. a great accent yarn.
and what I love: 3 balls of Gedifra Gigante in a tan/ivory colorway. i've admired this before and have always wanted to try a thick-thin yarn, and here's my chance! I'm thinking hat, and will i have enough for mittens as well? i'm thinking of winging it on my own...i've made hats before, so if i just find a basic mitten pattern, i should be well on my way.

so yay for SP3!! this was totally worth it. Now i just gotta find some yarn for to send the person i'm spoiling for her next package. this is great fun :)

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