Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A Change of Plans

thanks for stopping by, SP!

Since I ordered that yarn on ebay, I figure I will frog my hat. That way I can add some orange to it, and tighten up the brim for a better fit. I'm think cuff in orange and then body in tan, then mitten opposite: cuffs in tan, body in orange. then with whatever I have left I will knit up a quick scarf. and whether or not i have any tan in the scarf is no big deal. it will still be a nice matching set, and the bulky yarn makes it go quickly. although, they recommend size 17 needles. even the size 15 for the hat was still a little loose for a warm knit, so I may use 13's and even though it will use a bit more yarn that way, it will be more cozy and i have 13 skeins to work with, so that should be great. I am also going to make the scarf in stockinette, something I would normally not do because the rolled edges would drive me crazy, much as mis-matched striping does in both knitting and sewing. i'm anal that way. but with the yarn and the nature of the beast (wrapping the scarf multiple times for warmth) will all add to the charm. the best thing about this yarn? no ends between skeins since you spit and splice them together. yummy! ;) pics to come, but the next 10 days or so are super busy

lunch date after work tomorrow, eight hour shifts fri-sun, dinner date monday, volleyball game to see tues, meaning i will have three hours of tv taped LOL and two papers to write and the other menial homework PLUS making a final list of christmas gifts yet to make.

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