Monday, October 11, 2004

See What You Started, SP3??

So, as I mentioned, my SP3 sent me some Gedifra Gigante. And I was so excited to use it, that even though I have numerous Christmas gifts to complete, I had to sit down with it, my Denise 15's, and knit myself a hat while watching two hours of tv!! I promise a pic soon, but my homework is making me feel really guilty. But it's just a simple hat. here goes: cast on 50 sts (I have a large head ;) ) work 1x1 rib for about 4 inches (whatever looks right) then knit every round (stockinette) until you need to start the decreases, then decrease evenly and you have a hat! LOL really, that's all there is to a hat. if a beginner like me can make this up, anyone can.

So just what, exactly has my SP3 started? I have almost one whole skein of GIgante left, so I figure it's enough to make cuffs for mittens. What will the rest of the mittens be??? I scored an AMAZING deal on ebay! Check this: you see that right! with shipping and shipping insurance, I got 10 skeins of Gigante for $37.88. wowsa! So i'm gonna knit some mittens with my brown colorway as cuffs, and then an orange scarf and I will actually have a matching set cuz right now i only have novelty scarves. go me go!!! i love ebay :)

how could this be a bad thing, you ask? cuz i just spent $40 on yarn I shouldn't have bought. i have enough projects going, and a large enough stash. but isn't this the way it goes? at least i've blown my yarn diet and not my food diet LOL

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