Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shopping Spree :)

Shopping 5/27

Walgreens was easy.
7 packs of Trident gum. Reg. $1.29, sale 3/$2. Used 6 - $.75 manqs
14 packs of Extra gum. Reg. $1.29, used 7 BOGO qs, then sale for 3/$2
These are great because the 'sale price' is with an in-ad coupon, so if they are unaware of the 'sale' they give you full value of your man q's.
So 21 packs of gum were $.72 of my gift card. I haven't been to Walgreens since April 16th! haha. Thanks, Walgreens.

CVS had GREAT clearance finds! If you read abour something online, or even if it has a clearance tag, scan it!!
Reynolds Foil, 75sq ft, clearance tag said $2.50 but it scanned $1.25! I had 6 $1 coupons.
Ziploc twist n' lock containers, clearance tag said $1.58, but scanned $.92. Bought all 6 from the shelf, with 3 $1.50/2 coupons
One Glad candle, sale $4.99 used $4 q.
Spent 4.82 on GC :)

TARGET IS A PAIN. For pete's sake, they DO NOT understand coupons. They would not let me use a store and manq on one item. My Kashi coupons that say 1 per purchase he said was the same as one per transaction and he kept calling me ma'am and was firm but polite, but REALLY you have the rules wrong, buddy!! So I left everything there and called corporate and she told me I was definitely right. We'll see what good that does. So I went back after choir practice and picked up the same items. This time the cashier didn't like that the Target smartfood coupon said "item not found" and was wary of two coupons for one item. the Pupperoni also said item not found. Hey, I can't help it if yor registers are bad!!
Waffles: $2.54 and $2.28, used 2 $1.50 coupons
Pupperoni: $2.39 each, used 2 $2 q
Smartfood: $3 sale, $1 store and $1 manq
$4.06 cash. Almost not worth it, except I have like 4 more waffle coupons, and two more sets of popcorn ones. ARGH!!!!!!

At least I finally got the 3 $1.50 coupons for the milk! It was a rebate deal. That milk is SO GOOD.


Bezzie said...

Then I would have told him fine, please break these up into two (or more) transactions. Hee hee!

Amanda said...

My closest Super Target has been a real pain in the butt for me, too. I wish they'd inform all their employees about their own coupon policy!

Nicky said...

Target is a pain for many people I had an issue about a month ago and haven't been back since. I had the correct item just as stated on the coupon and they would not take it because just like you it said item not found.