Saturday, May 02, 2009

Grocery Budgeting

I read these blogs where families spend $40 per week for their family of four, which really puts our budget to shame! However, many of these people live in the south or other areas where the costof living is generally less as it is, and many of their stores double coupons. While I wouldn't exactly say it makes it 'easier' it sure does help. We spend about an average of $65/week, which I want to try and cut down a bit, if we can. I don't see why not, as we seem to buy some extra thing. And we have a stockpile of sorts (maybe some day I can share photos ;) ) so basically all we need to buy is meat as-needed, fresh produce, milk and bread, plus lunchmeat and cheese for Matt. But because we have extra, we sometimes like to go buy 'fun' stuff like frozen pizza from Trader Joe's, or their other goodies. So we need to not have that mentality of "we can afford it, go get it." But sometimes you are just out and about, or so many weeknights we work late, or have church activities or other things that mean we eat away from home. Foods that are easy to take with are sometimes more expensive asnd once in a while we just like to get subway or a pizza, which we feel counts as groceries becaus we aren't eating food we have at home.

I did stop for more Special K, since we LOVE it (the new blueberry is our new favorite!) and it's good for you.

Target GC Deal

Target had a deal on all Special K products, where if you buy 5 you get a $5 GC to use on your next purchase. They are on sale for $2.39 each, and so in my opinion, this isn't a good deal and not something I would normally do. However, I had a $5GC in hand, so I took 5-$1 manq's and paid $2.07 cash and still have a $5 GC. That made it worth it to me!

Also in the grocery budget for May are these lovelies:


They were waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday =) So sweet!!

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Carrie said...

Yeah, I think it's funny that many people think we're CRAZY for spending $80 per week but if you read the frugal blogs you know my budget is actually high. And I too have found it easier and easier to stay under that as my stockpile grows. But instead of lowering the budget, I've decided to focus on including more and more organic produce and better meat.