Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To be fair...

Yesterday, the first person Matt connected to (after voice prompts, it rang, no holding at all) was very nice and helpful. Said try this, try this, still not working...okay, in IE check this...okay, uncheck that box...magic! It worked. We asked her (hey, we had reason!) if this meant we really had internet (since it is showing when I check our account online) and they would not take it away like they did last time...and she confirmed that. So only time will tell, but at least we got someone who knew how to troubleshoot. so...yay!

Now off to run errands. There is a Walgreen's deal I want to pull off, but it always depends on them having every item in stock, which is soooo tricky. Wish it wasn't! But I do drive past 4 of them on my way to church. haha.

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