Monday, December 15, 2008

Baking Bonanza

I'm not used to taking food photos like Bezzie is, but here goes:

Pumpkin rolls. Very mild flavor, but yummy nonetheless. Pretty color, as well!

Kolacky dough, totally forgot the finished pic since I finished them at my mom's house. Why yes, pound of butter and brick o cream cheese. Add flour. Finito. I used apricot preserves on them, turned out so good and got many compliments at our work potluck today =)

Double Chocolate Treasures, a very old Quaker oats recipe that we make every single year. I love it. I chopped up bags of Hershey Bliss milk chocolates instead of buying semi-sweet chocolate chips. Also used them for the Muddy Buddies.

This is just how I roll in my tiny kitchen. You can see the mixer with the butter for kolacky, waiting to soften so I can cream it. The red bowl is the chocolate treasures waiting for the cookie sheets to come out of the oven. Chocolate chip and sugar cookies on the cooling racks (those were Betty Crocker mixes, not too bad!)
So I used free chocolates, and the Chex cereal and BC mixes from all my Jewel deals. Also made a bundt cake with free items as well. Lovin the deals this holiday season!


Mberenis said...
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Bezzie said...

Oh freakin' YUM!!!!

And you can get some really good coupons and deals on those BC cookie mixes this time of year! ;-)