Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Knitting Update!

Road trip to Iowa last weekend. Knit the rest of sock #1 and the entire foot (ready to turn heel) on sock #2.
I somehow lost my amazing mittens between last winter and this winter. So bummed! My hands have been SO cold. So now that the negative temps are done (at least for now!) I have yarn to make more, because my uncle spoiled me. My bro was with me and picked out yarn for mittens as well:
It is called "Navy Nite" but is definitely purple. Strange. He'll wear them though. Mine will have the same turquoise with a darker turquoise as the main color.

FO! Dolman top from Knit So Fine. Yarn bought half off at Stitches. Fits fine, just the BO on the front piece is too tight so it is hard to get on and off but I like it!
Yay gratuitous kitty shot! He's so sweet when he is sleeping
Sleepy Kitty!

It's been snowing for about 20 hours! So pretty, but a pain driving in it, ugh!

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Bezzie said...

Love the top!! I don't think I've seen any FOs from that book.

And I love the kitty too--my sister has a tuxedo cat affinity. I can see why!