Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A (rare) update

Hey y'all.

Sometimes I wonder what to blog here (and obviously not do anything about it) seeing as I have so many different groups of friends here on the internet. I could do the health/weight-loss thing, the knitting/crocheting/spinning thing, the church friends, the...everyone else.

So anyway, the CVS trips are continuing to go well, and Walgreens is looking pretty good for next month. We have a HUGE bag to take to Hesed House, and there are some things I don't think they have need for that I will drop off at Harvest. I like stocking up on things for myself (shampoo...I was definitely running low!) for FREE and getting more free stuff for others to use. Seriously, I spent cash to start-up at Walgreens, but at CVS I have spent $0 cash (using gift cards I got from transferring prescriptions) and received well over $500 in merchandise. It's crazy what they let you "get away with."

As for crafts, I crocheted this beautiful gift for a wee little baby girl who will be born next month. I can't share right now, so that the mommy doesn't see it! So excited. Just need to finish weaving ends and locate some buttons. Better hurry!

And next week I'm going up to Wisconsin for a fun few days of knitting and such..thanks to Elizabeth for planning it all...definitely looking forward to it since Matt will be out of town all week...*sniff* haha. party? Just me and the kitty, sitting at home. meow!

I also now joined Plurk. C'mon, see what it is HERE. I suppose it will be fun for a while and then I'll forget to check it. But then you lose Karma points. tricky!

Guess that's as much of an update as we need for now. Maybe I should do some actual work....

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Bezzie said...

I'm resisting the plurk! I have enough time sucks right now!