Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yay kitty! and Knitty!

Knitting camp was LOADS of fun. Now planning to attend stitches with Heather (CelticCoyote) and hopefully JPKnits.

I brought home more yarn than I brought to swap, plus we made that field trip to the yarn store....hehe

Gratuitous cat shot:

Love my kitty! We threw his little catnip mousy in the bag and he was off!

He just so BIG!

That's about it...our camping got my knitting mojo back. Some progress:

The best photo I could get of the stitch markers seiding made:

That's about it! Now to go knit whilst laundry goes...


jpknits said...

I need to get this in my calendar. Poke me with a knitting needle so I don't forget!

It's not tomorrow?????????

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Your kitty looks a lot like my little one. She's not little, but the other ones bigger. I'll try to scare up a kitty pic for comparison. I just knit a teddy bear from some of the camp yarn I got in the swap. Woo hoo.