Friday, May 16, 2008

A CVS trip

Sooooo...yesterday in my e-mail I found a $5/$25 at CVS coupon. I was already planning on going there, but it made it even sweeter.

I purchased two blood glucose monitors (which I will donate...) and some razor blades that I actually needed. After my coupons, I spent $.54, from a gift card. I then received $26.00 in ECB (CVS dollars) for a future purchase.

Sometimes I wonder if these stores make any money...Then again, CVS can't be giving away too many things seeing as they only stock the shelves once a week. So they are limiting how much people buy in that sense...tricksters.

I now hold $47.95 in free CVS money. It's crazy. Considering I have spent zero cash thus far. How long can I go? ;)


Bezzie said...

You got the game down! Very nice!

Ceci said...

You smart shopper you. ;) I was just wondering what you were going to do with 33 boxes of granola bars in your earlier post, but you're donating most of it! and the glucose monitors... There's a reason I love you. :)

So, are you really thinking of a visit down?? That would be sooo fun! Just let us know. There are so many nice new LYSes, and knit groups, and just... whee!!