Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Super Savings!

Even though I worked there for eight years, it is not my favorite place to shop. A lot of times the workers aren't friendly, they are out of many things, and the prices are high.

But this week they have a lot of General Mills things for 10/$10 if you buy a multiple of 10. Jewel also has automatic savings tied to your card if you check them online before you shop. My weekly deal was $1/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch limit 2 per order and $1/1 Fiber One bars limit 2 per order. Then on two days I had $2/2 Pop Secret limit 6 deals.

I first bought 20 items for myself, costing about $6 after auto coupons and coupons from the papers.

Then we went back on Monday and bought 50 items, in 5 transactions with all the coupons I could find. We spent $13.78 on this:

After I took that picture, I went back on Tuesday morning because Matt was sick and needed 7-up and Jello, and got 10 more completely free with auto-savings items, plus a $1 coupon, meaning I spent -.77 for those 10, bringing my total for 60 items to $13.01 or $.22 per item!

14 cereal
12 popcorn
33 granola bars
1 chex mix

We kept only a few things out of these 60. The rest are going to a food bank. It's crazy when the stores want to give things away!

Also, gratuitous kitty pic:


Bezzie said...

Hey! Great deals!!!

Perfect timing too--the Postal Service is doing their food drive on Saturday where you leave the food out at your mailbox and they pick it up for you--no fuss no muss if you were thinking of donating some to the foodbank!

jpknits said...

You're so wise! I sometimes hesitate on those sorts of "BEST BUYS" because I hate to shelve them forever or worse yet to waste them. But food pantry stuff is excellent. My church always collects a themed set of items per month.

(Now I have to check on the online Jewel thing...)