Thursday, September 07, 2006

yay lace!

just some quick pics:

pinned to bro's extra-long twin bed. ceiling fan on medium. will dry quickly. details to follow with finished modeled pic.

ETA: time for a fast knit for myself. so i go to my knitting basket, wanting to find my top-down raglan in kool aid recycled yarn. and's not in there. but guess what....NINE things on the needles. NINE. oh. my. goodness. i did not even know i was that bad. seriously. and...they are pretty much all scarves. what??
-ruffles from Scarf Style
-scarf in bulky superwash wool of one giant cable
-skinny scarf in Tar-jay yarn
-gluffy scarf in Big Lots yarn
-lion brand fancy fur scarf
-lace scarf in KP's gossamer
-branching out sample
-pair of Sassy Stripes socks
-lorna's lace helen's lace shawl (only NICE WIP in there)

-yarn for shaped triangle shawl
-valerie handspun
-nono kitty sample handdyed
-lorna's laces shepard sock failed jaywalkers
-mohairy branching out that needs to ripped out

dear goodness. someone help me! it's like an endless Mary Poppins bag. i think i might could sell all the frou-frou scarves i already have made, and finish these others, and make some money at a craft fair in november. whaddya think?


Laura said...

ooh! pretty! Ana is lucky to have a great knitter working for her.

Selling the skarfs sounds like a good idea. You have much better yarn lying around to make nice scarves for yourself.

What are you using to make the shaped triangle shawl?

Gina said...

Wow! That is gorgeous!

Ceci said...

How long did it take me to come look?? That shawl is GORGEOUS, Helen! Thank you so much. She is going to love it. I'll bet it feels like a dream. Was it Jaeger? I remember it was something light and super soft.

stringthing said...

i would sell them on etsy or somthing, i mean we don't make scarves for wearing do we?

Subhuman Superwoman said...

Gorgeous lace Helen. I'm so jealous of anyone who can make it that lovely.

Sarah said...


A lot of WIPS!

Time to get knitting! I say sell, give or gift! when you finish all the scarves.

Oh, and Lovely, lovely lace!