Thursday, September 14, 2006

All in a day's work.

soooo...last year sometime...(last year? two years? when was it, monkee?) I received a spindle and some roving from Joeli. Then when she moved to the UK she gifted me the rest of it. it's wool for sure, and it kinda seems to be merino, from reading various descriptions of it.

i used small pics so i don't make Barbie's dial-up cry. Photobucket makes thumbnails for you! yay! ( also makes them open in new window.) [click pics for big]


first yarn balls from way back:

what i pulled off the spindle in order to use it:

so i settled in...i dunno what made me wanna pick it up, but i did. probably just to procrastinate. heh.

and i did this, yesterday:

wanna see closer?

i then tried my first hand at plying:

in ball form:

yarn on feet!! for Missy!

and finally, all skeined up!

Today, after being responsible, and doing things from my to-do list, i picked it up again. figured i was on a roll, may as well keep it up (not like i don't have wedding things to do, including wedding knitting, but alas)

not exactly entirely even, but i like it. Keep bugging Ana for advice, teehee. yay for enablers!!

that's about it for now.


bensmumma said...

Another fiber junkie I see! Just wait 'til you try it on a wheel... then you're really in trouble!

Great yarn, btw! Oh, and my word verification says "nutrzr" I'm a nutrazor!


msubulldog said...

Neat! I would really like to learn to spin someday. In my spare time, of course! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)