Friday, May 12, 2006

Oh, the irony!

yup yup. first time for many things. i got to meet a knitty! yay!

Marcy (mittenfarce) and i went out for yummy Thai food, mmmmm. then we headed to Loopy where we met Purrl behind the counter.

here we are!

the lady working had us hold props..Marcy's is some bamboo yarn and the latest Knit.1, which she bought to knit hubby some shorts, heh (the magazine, not the yarn!) i'm holding a felted bowl they had on the counter as my goodies were already wrapped up.

speaking of goodies...i went hog wild and bought me some Helen's Lace in "Black Purl" mmmm, mmm. pardon the crappy pic as the day is gray...yeargh! Plus a 40-inch size 0 addi. mmmm, socks...

and on my train trip in and out i did this, evidence of "you get what you pay for"

Moda Dea Sassy Stripes. Colours darker than photo suggests. but whaddya expect for cheap yarn. at least they're soft enough.

i wore my socks from Ariel today, to keep me nice and toasty throughout the day. happy times!


Stariel said...

Glad you liked the socks. Now, next time you're meeting fabulous knittyheads I want to come, ok?

Gina said...

Don't be so hard -- the socks look fine. How do you find Magic Loop with Addis? I have wondered about that given their "less flexible" cord.

bensmumma said...

Wow - 2 of the knittyheads on my list of who I'd like to meet IRL - wish I coulda been there!