Sunday, May 21, 2006

(almost) instant gratification

yay!!! I had forgotten how much i dearly loved quilting. although bending over the sewing machine makes my back ache.

start with a pile 'o t-shirts.

chop 'em up, and buy nifty cotton batting and some border material (with gratuitous cello shot for Laura)

sew 'em up nice and straight

and add your border. voila! a quilt top.

Now waiting for the backing material which is a gift from a really super friend who wants to de-stash.


Laura said...

A cello just for me!

cool quilt. I wish I had the talent to do that.

Gina said...

I am impressed!

Joeli said...

Get dreadlocks, and I'll comment on your blog too.

Or make a really cool quilt. Because I'm impressed. It's so......straight!

Ali said...

That quilt is the best! I've always wanted to make something for my best friend out of all the t-shirts she buys but does not wear.

Bezzie said...

I like the way you constructed that! My mom used to make t-shirt quilts on consignment, but she would interface the t-shirt design onto a square of fabrice and aplique the edges and then piece it all together. I like the way you've done it here.

Jo said...

Is making a quilt out of tshirts as hard as people make it out to be?