Friday, May 26, 2006

(not so) RAK

here's my goodies, at long last.

VAL! she sent me handspun handdyed yarn! in yummy greens. i saw the roving on her blog and when i commented on it, she said it was mine! awww. used the crappy camera. it didn't focus on the yarn. grrr. but it's nice stuff.

and then Yorkie and i did a swap. because i needed more spotted dick. yup.

Yorkie Bar! mmmM!!!! and other brand jaffa cakes, and blue can HobNobs (fabbo, they are!) and a sweet coffe mug. yay Brits!!

supposedly i'm getting a totally random giftie from MJ....sadly, it has yet to arrive


LaBean said...

Yummy yarn indeed! I've got some undyed fiber I'm going to spin.. I think I might dye it that kind of green.. A mug is always a good thing.. I love big mugs!

Gina said...

A big mug and Hobnobs -- what could be better?

Anonymous said...

The yarn is great. What a nice thing for her to do. Yorkies swap gifts are wonderful!

bensmumma said...

Wow - I've got to hook up with Yorkie for a swap for sure! YUM!


Ceci said...

So, what made me giggle more? The picture of you crying in your bed over the Lace Insanity? or the can of Spotted Dick.

I had to look up Spotted Dick. I showed it to Will cuz I figured it'd make him laugh and he asked, "What spotted dick?" I said, "Uh, besides funny? I dunno." Actually, I kinda wish I didn't know what it was, cause it sounds like, in a can, it'd be gross. it?