Thursday, September 29, 2005

the cursed socks are done. that's as good as they get

so the kitchener on #2 is marginally better..but i'm glad they will be in my shoes most of the time. almost ran out of yarn. stupid, stupid big feet of mine. this is actually the third sock knit of this yarn. ripped #1 to make '#2' (left sock) and then made sock '#3' (right sock) so now they are done and i will never ever make top down socks ever again!! and i only want wool you can spit splice. or that has enough yardage for my feet. or or or
i'm crabby and the pics are crappy, the colours are actually brighter. sock '#3' is ever so slightly bigger and i do not know why and i do not care why. these better be machine washable cuz they don't deserve better treatment than that.
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Lissa said...

Don't despair! The colours are nice and the socks are too.

knit chick said...

Don't worry too much about it. They look good and the colors are great.

Elisabeth said...

Awesome Socks! :-)

roxy ^-o-^ said...

Socky goodness! Hey sweety - they look good - don't fret, you have the best-dressed toes in IL - I can't even imagine knitting socks yet so you are another 10,000 steps ahead of me in your knitting skills LOL

Love ya!

Ceci said...

Why don't you just buy an extra ball of sockyarn? Eek! *duck, run* --Ceci

Steph said...

You have pointy feet. No, just kidding! I love you!

Lisa P said...

I love them personally. :)