Monday, July 18, 2005

more my, my, my, my MARIAH

yup. here it is. two whole repeats done. now i am supposed to do a whole 'nother one, which would be be between the pink and purple markers, and then half, which is between pink and blue. the sleeve is already 17 inches long. so instead, i will just be doing that last half, and then the extra 12 rows of 'closure.' but i must now do some serious maths, and see about how many rows the shaping will take, and compare that with my row gauge (6/inch) and figure out where to just stop wherever in the pattern now, and continue following that last bit when you join it all in the round. hmmm
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and if you squint real hard, you can see the loverly new stitch markers that arrived in the mail today, from a wonderful little monkee...even though the USPS took SIX days to make it get here...highly unusual.
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Joeli said...

Itlooks really good Helen! I told you you're going to beat me, just wait. Only 2 weeks left of July though, can you do it? :P