Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Finish It!

lookee! finally wove in my ends. popped on my blue tee...and i have an outfit for school. fantabulous!
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Annnd...since i have been begged multiple times for a Mariah progress report, here it is, first of three repeats (between vertical markers on left sleeve, if you can see those) a repeat took 6.5 inches, so i might could fit all three in without it being too long. we shall see...intriguing pattern
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zibibbo said...

OOH you look maaaaaaavelous! And wow, what a bunch of UK goodies! You and Mankee have me sooo curious about Jaffa cakes now!

Lisa P said...

Looks great! I really like it with the blue shirt. :)

And the cables on those sleeves...! Lovely! :D

Ali said...

You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL in you Cleaves. For some reason I was not a big fan of that when it 1st appeared in Knitty. Not trying to disrespect the designer nor the model, but it looks really good on you and now seeing it on you I might have to knit it. Looking good! :)

Diana said...

Your shrug looks great! You look super happy to have it done. Thanks for the tips; I have really long arms, but will check on those measurements..

Gina said...

I love the shrug. It's on my to knit list, and I think it just moved higher up the ladder. I love the yarn you selected.