Tuesday, July 05, 2005

minor setback

eh. see...the flat 'line' between top of tube (at armpit) to the 'neckline' is too long...i don't want it to curve on TOP of my shoulder. so i gotta frog back and take out maybe two inches from that flat part before starting the neck. or else i won't ever be pleased with FO.

in other news, Mariah is all set to begin. i have printed the pattern, highlighted my size, and i have two balls of yarn all set to go, and freed up the 40 inch Denise cable. just waiting for shrug to be done :)

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Lissa said...

Oh, honey. I hope you join the Mariah knitalong on yahoo- so many really good tips and tricks, many from Jodi herself. I couldn't have made it without it! In case you need the link: