Thursday, December 02, 2004

SP3 Update!

OH OH OH! we are to reveal ourselves by Saturday. I will think of how to tell mine tomorrow. And I cannot wait until the person who spoiled me reveals themself because i am so so happy with my gifts! It was a fantastic experience. unfortunately, i cannot participate in SP4 because of money and time (big school schedule next semester) but i will definitely look forward to it in the future!

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Beth S. said...

Well, Helen, your wait is over. I was your Secret Pal 3 -- the one who sent you the emails you couldn't track back (sorry for causing that frustration) and a great big box o' goodies a while back! I am so glad that you were pleased with the gifts I sent. Keep on knitting and have a wonderful holiday season and a bright and beautiful 2005! And good luck in school, too.

Beth S.