Tuesday, November 09, 2004

i love these needles!!

So, on ebay i found an auction for four sets of CPY dpn's, US 3,4,5,6. so i bought them cuz the price was right. not a great deal, but not any worse than buying at the LYS and i didn't have to leave the house!

so i used them last night on a hat, after having made two with only 4 boye needles. holy cow! these are so weightless and fantastic, and it's nice to have five needles instead of four. yay!
that's it for now. will post pics of my newly finished hat soon. my first colorwork, and i did good!

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Heather said...

Hi Helen, I saw some of your comments on the snowy weather in Naperville on Knitty's SNB. I went to school in Naperthrill at NCC, and I think it's gorgeous there when it snows. Good luck in school and I loved your FO's!!