Saturday, December 25, 2004

lots of FO's!!!

I finished my 'Christmas sweater' just in time. Even though I had to frog 5 inches of lace on the sleeve and not seam until Christmas eve. But it looks fantastic!

Paton's Divine Lacework Sweater, 'Richest Rose'

my iPod cover:

hmmm, close, but no cigar. i need to rethink the openings and take about two rows off the length. but not bad!

i cast on for Wavy, and currently have 2 repeats done, although only one is pictured:

and i also couldn't resist the mini skull bag:

and i also whipped out a novelty scarf, but i'm not yet sure if it's "ME" or a gift..maybe SP? so no picture ;)

guess that's enough for now LOL enjoy! more details on my website.


Jen Savage said...

Nice. How long did it take you?

Anonymous said...

that is the coolest purse!! do you have instrutions for it?