Sunday, August 20, 2006

cutest thing i've ever knit

yeah. an update, pretty recently after the last one, and with actual knitting content. a rarity these days, i know. i promise i've been knitting. a bit.

first up: the cutest thing i've ever knit. Knitty's Trellis. i wanted to shoot the dang pattern. it stank. you need to mirror cables. you must. but the twisty thing was not a cable, so on my swatch i got the back twists mirrored. but it was not to be on the actual back of the sweater. i gave up. then the way the left twist wa sin the pattern wouldn't work. only the right twist that Ana taught me. i don't understand why.

(UMMMM....okay. lately my photos suck. but they look fine until they get here...i have always, always made my photos 400 pixels wide. yet these are blurry. at first i thought it was just the sweater. but nope. the lazy is hazy too. why, why? with a good camera and just uploading full photos....argh)

awww, how cute! i love wee-sized things!

but what takes the cake is the buttons:

Knit on Denise size 7 in Lane Borgosesia 100% Lana Vergine. completely machine washable wool. it is so soft once you wash it. mmm. Ana generously donated this yarn. she said it was some odd stuff she picked up one time..strangely enough i've used this yarn before, but in a chunky weight from my LYS' bargain bin. go figure.

next up, what has been soaking up my time: modified Rose Trellis shawl outta Zephyr. mmmmmmm. Ana commissioned me to knit this for her grandmother to wear to a wedding. must get crackin! around half-way done with body, then needs a border. eeeep!!

great thinking went into this next photo, including my chin, the self-timer, and 10 seconds of a balancing act. it's a neat effect though. like looking out through semi-shut eyes. hmmm

and a better shot of the first flower i made:

two more white are done, a dark pink on the needles...i'm thinking a January 31st deadline for my wonderful friends to knit me flowers is good. see what i get. see what more i need and knit like crazy!!

is that enough of an update to satisfy monkee?


Subhuman Superwoman said...

Oh my stars and garters is that cute! Great job, Helen. The callas are looking lovely too. Can't wait to see pics of you guys carrying them in the wedding.

Sarah said...

cute cute cute!

I love it!

And the flower looks nice too...OK Jan 31st. I can handle that!

Gina said...

Everything looks lovely. There's a bit of a flower/trellis theme...

spinndiva said...

Look so cute Helen!

Midnight Vagabond said...

could you possibly craft me a beanie...ill show you sunday my beanie thats about to fall apart

Ceci said...

Ahh, a deadline! Finally, motivation. :P Trellis is a gem. And girl, anyone who knits for my grandma gets superextramega brownie points! MWAH.