Thursday, October 13, 2005

new LYS!

so..class gets out, and my train doesn't leave for an i wander two blocks south on State St (That Great Street (tm) ) and take a gander at Loopy Yarns. they are still kinda setting things up, putting in some finishing touches, but it's great. the prices are FOB. 220 for 6:45, fixation for $5.45, lorna's laces shepard sock for $9.75...they have lots of Cascade, Berroco, Lorna (tons of LL! all kinds!) and many other odds and ends...even the Addis seemed to be decently priced. so i would definitely go back. without my wallet. we should plan a knitty meetup, Mitten and everyone else :D so yeah...this came home with me:
Image hosted by
sorry for the crappy photo...colour is Puprle, purple and a bit of tan. definitely brigther in real life, but it's a cloudy day today.

on the shawl: 6 repeats done on second half. 6 to go. i'm getting there!!


mumblingmonkey said...

woo! I want to visit your LYS!

knit chick said...

Isn't it a great LYS? Very reasonably priced, but too dangerous to the wallet to either work, live, or go to school nearby!

MJ said...

When I get my lazy butt and go to Chicago to see my friend, I'm kidnapping you and you'll be showing my way to that fabulous new LYS!

Lisa P said...

Oooooo! New LYS? Nifty! Oh and I forgot to mention in a previous post, the shawl was looking good. Any new pics of it's progress so far?

Terby said...

; )

One good turn deserves another.

zibibbo said...

OOOoooOOO loverly colour :)